About us

Rancho Mila lies on a greatly diverse scenery, being at the edge of the tropical dry forest yet only minutes away from the Pacific ocean and sandy beaches. In the middle of this outstanding environment, we welcome you to our Eco-Agrotourism. Through respectful and eco-friendly practices we offer a priceless experience for all your senses. Rancho Mila is a healthy, peaceful and comfortable shelter from a hectic unconscious routine. Your wellbeing is our pleasure.

¿Who we are?

The guesthouse is a historical building reconstructed using diverse types of local trees. It is not only eco-friendly, but also healthy to live in, as wooden materials have the ability to breathe. Our way to thank Mother Nature is based also on the concept of reforestation. With your help we can strengthen our sustainable practises, planting one tree for every single reservation we get.

We will try to meet all your requests in the best possible way. The managers, Otmar and Brunella born in South Tyrol (North Italy) and Manabi (Ecuador), are fluent in Spanish, English and Italian.


Together with our visitors we maintain a heritage that deserves to be cared for with respect and passion. We are focused on conveying our love for Mother Earth, inspiring our guests to carry on a sustainable lifestyle. We wish that our guests deeply experience the regional culture and encourage them to take part in rewarding agroecological activities.

Our vision is to make the visitor “Feel like a local”.

History of our name

Rancho Mila perpetuates the generosity of “Grandma Mila”, who gave in heritage her lands to her grandchildren (1950 – 1960). Back in the days the Ranch was known as “Bitter Water”, given the minerals contained in the water emerging from below the surface and forming a natural spring found on this land.

Mila derives from a Slavic word meaning “ Love of the People” and it is the beginning of the Spanish word “Milagro”, which translates to “Miracle”.

On Rancho Mila our first priority is the respect for the Environment and the People. Carrying on the kindness of Grandma Mila, we feel honored to share this precious lands with our dear visitors.